About the Photographer...

Alyson Holder, international photographer, editor and vlogger,was born in the Caribbean island of Barbados. Alyson has built her reputationas one of the leading females in portrait and conceptual photography within theregion.

Her journey as a photographer began at the Barbados Community College where she studied photography as part of her Mass Communication course and later went on to study Linguistics at the University of the West Indies. Alyson took on the role of journalist and photographer at The Barbados Advocate and Hello Magazine . During that time she also became the host for a television show,‘Inside Entrepreneurship’. Alyson worked as a photographer’s assistant at Studio Studio and as lead photographer at Colorbox. She then free-lanced as a photographer under the name 3rd Eye Photography where she received awards from the National Independence Festival of the Creative Arts(NIFCA). Alyson has sparked some heavy social discussions with her soloshows ‘In Black & White’ and ‘A Closet of Daydreams’.

In 2013 Alyson took her skills abroad where she travelled to San Francisco for a photography research project and has since continued to hone her skills in lighting techniques for both studio and natural light and editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Alyson has shot for some of the most established global brands, clients and public figures including Ralph Lauren, Nikki Beach,Caribbean’s Next Top Model, Coco & Breezy, Free Spirits Cosmetics, DJ Puffy, Alison Hinds, Mount Gay Distilleries, Aura Experience, Terra Caribbean and Orign. Her photographic work has been featured in several print and online publications including Hello Magazine, M People Magazine, Better Health Magazine, ArtsEvents Magazine Barbados, GirlGaze, Complexd Mag UK and Trendland.

In 2013 Alyson signed to LOUD 87, an Entertainment andTalent Management & Photography Company, where she teamed up with her manager and creative director of LOUD87 , Louise DeCourcey-Dawe. Together, Louise and Alyson have been able to merge their creative talents and business ethics to form an unstoppable duo-Photography team. 

Alyson is currently expanding her portfolio as she continues to grow as a photographer and is now exploring her skillset as a videographer and as a vlogger.



General Questions

Q: What’s your style?

A: My photography style is relaxed and creative. My images reflect my subject’s personality in unexpected ways.

Q: How do I book your photography services?

A: All photography bookings are done through my management company, LOUD 87. To book these photography services please send an email to info@loud87.com.

Q:  Do you offer gift certificates?

A:  Gift certificates for my photography sessions are available through my management company, LOUD 87. Our gift certificates are a great idea for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. To purchase your gift certificates please email LOUD 87 at info@loud87.com.

Q: Who holds the copyright to the images?

A: LOUD 87 and Alyson Holder (photographer) retain the rights to all Content. Content will be used for portfolio and promotional purposes for Alyson Holder and LOUD 87. To purchase the license for the use of the images taken by LOUD 87 photographer,Alyson Holder, with no limitations, the client must pay the agreed license fee. (This allows the client to use the images for Corporate, Commercial and Promotional means - publications, printed flyers, magazines & books, billboards ,graphics on cars/buildings etc.)

Preparing for Your Photo shoot

Q: Are makeup / hair services included?

A:  No. Recommendations for LOUD 87 affiliate hair stylists and makeup artists can be made, however they are not included in the official photography package.

Q: I’ve found a photographer at a cheaper price, do you price match?

A: No, however, we offer several packages suitable for a range of budgets and preferences.


Q: How do I book my shoot?

A: Send an email (info@loud87.com) for all bookings and queries.

Q: How early do I have to book my shoot?

A:  It’s a good idea to work on booking yourshoot as soon as you’ve decided on a timeframe. That way we can confirm thatthe time and date are both available and begin to arrange the details for yoursitting. Final confirmations will be made a few days before the selected date.

Q: Whatabout packaging and pricing?

A: We offer a range of packages, all customized to work with your budget and image needs.For detailed information on pricing, send an email to my management companyLOUD 87 (info@loud87.com) with the details for the sitting or event. An emailwill be sent with the packages and any other requested information.

Receiving Images

Q: What isthe process for receiving images?

A: After photoshoots and events, images are processed, watermarked and prepared for private viewing within two days. Clients will be given a selection sheet to be completed and signed with their preferred image selections and any notes or special requests they may have. Once the signed selection sheet has been completed, submitted and all final payments have been received, the selected images are then edited and returned to the client within 5-7 workdays.

Q: Do you receiveall of the images taken from the photo shoot?

A: Clients will receive the full set of images with the watermarked logo for privateviewing in order to make their image selections. 

Q: Can friends and family view the images when they are uploaded for viewing?

A:  After images are processed and uploaded for viewing, clients are given a private link. It is at the client’s discretion to share thelink with others. However, all image requests should be made via the original booking.

Q: Do you backup the images?

A: Yes. All images are backed up and archived for one (1) year. Should you require more images from the photo shoot, you can purchase the additional images by sending an email to info@loud87.com with your requests.

Q: Do you offerprint services?

A: Yes.Although we do not print in-house, we often handle prints for clients alongwith cropping images to size, colour correcting etc. To request the differentprinting sizes and prices please send an email toinfo@loud87.com.

Q: Can Iprint my images somewhere else?

A: Yes. 


Alyson is managed by LOUD87.


For Bookings & Queries : info@loud87.com

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